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How much is Emily Meade worth?
$1 Million is Emily Meade net worth

Full Name Emily Meade
Short info: Emily Meade is an American film and television actress. She appeared as a future version of the character Ella Blake in the science fiction series Fringe third season finale. In 1997, at the age of seven, she sang "Up, over, through and under" at the Italian song contest Zec...
Place Of Birth New York City, New York, United States
Date Of Birth January 10, 1989
Profession Actor
Nationality United States of America
Height 164 cm
Star Sign Capricorn

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Emily Meade Biography:

Emily Meade continues to be a fantastic performer in her successful career , and it has wowed everyone with her natural acting. She’s played in lots of films and television series and her performances are always adored by the crowds plus they are critically acclaimed also. Lots of info with this popular performer and her biography are available in wiki websites like Wikipedia and IMDb. At this early age she’s reached lots of understanding and she’s been a grand success in the film business. After recognition and cash she hasn’t lost her passion and commitment to flourish forth for more and this can be really adorable about her. She’s a typical height of 5 feet 7 inches that’s about 1.7 meters tall. She’s quite definitely active on social networking like Instagram, twitter and Facebook websites where she addresses her supporters and uploads her images. Emily has a citizenship of Usa.

Emily has been really aware about her private life hasn’t shown anything about it in the medias. There’s practically no information regarding her boyfriend and whom she is dating. It appears like she’s not having any matter in the minute but it’s very sure she isn’t married and will not possess a husband. You’ll find a lot of people around who would like to date this girl but at the present time is looks like no one is having a opportunity. She’s quite hot and contains perfect body measurements of 302332.

Till now she’s acted in lots of films and television series , and it has developed a unique place in crowds heart. She’s played in films like The House Is Burning and her character name in this film was Anne. This picture was her debut picture and she continued doing films after this. She did the character of Tiffany Ashwood in the film called Assassination of a High School President that was released in the year 2008. She did the character of Shannon Miles in the film called Back as well as the film premiered in the year 2009. In 2010 she did a short film called I’ll Follow You Into the Dark.

In the year 2010 she did the character of Jessica Brayson in the film called Twelve and this character was clearly one of her most famous characters. In 2013 her pictures Bluebird and Gimme Shelter released and her latest film is The Fact That Awkward Instant which lately released in the year 2014.
She’s been really successful till now as her net worth is 1 million dollars that’s an extremely remarkable body for a 25 year old performer.

Movies Nerve, My Soul to Take, Money Monster, Twelve, Me Him Her, Burning Palms, Thanks for Sharing, Adventures in the Sin Bin, Trespass, Bluebird, Gimme Shelter, Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah, Silver Tongues, Young Adult, The House Is Burning, Sleepwalk with Me, Gabriel, Back
TV Shows The Leftovers
Instagram http://www.instagram.com/need4meade
Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki?curid=29050025
IMDB http://imdb.com/name/nm2007030
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About Emily Meade:

Emily Meade Quotes

1I've been crazy lucky that I've never had a day job. I get really close to having no money, then I always wind up getting some kind of great job.
2The funniest thing is I never understood why actors were so shady about who they're dating. Then I realized the things you say get printed and the people you're involved with read them. That's what's tricky. Nothing goes unnoticed. I don't want to get myself in trouble!
3Most of my good friends are my friends from high school or childhood, and they're not actors - they have 9-to-5 jobs. But I've obviously, over time, developed friendships with actors. It's two completely different worlds.
4I don't want fame as far as the tweeting or the image of it. But, the idea of being famous is actually exciting to me, just because then you can have a choice in what you do. I would like to be at a point where I'm not asking for parts anymore, and I'm actually just choosing between a part that I want to do.
5Sometimes I get really down on myself for not having the exact career I want, but it's ok as long as you know what you want and you're going towards that. Accept it's going to be a different path than you thought in the first place.
6I am very harsh on myself. I can point out a list. My nose is very strange. I have a very round face. I sound so ungrateful. Obviously I'm being hard on myself. Whether it's body dysmorphia, or whatever it is, I can always find something wrong.
7I always have a very complex personal life as far as romance goes. Sometimes I have a little too much time to get into too much trouble... and drama. It's either I'm working, or I have nothing to do but focus on my personal life. It's a little hectic.
8You grow up loving movies, and your first instinct is you want to be an actor, because those are the people you see in the movies. But when you actually become an actor, you're like, 'Oh, wait, this is actually only a small portion of the storytelling. If I want to really tell a story, I'd want to be a director.'
9I get a little nauseous and disoriented watching 3D, but as a kid I loved it and I was really into it, so if a movie can be in 3D, then why not?
10I was traumatized by the cartoon version of 'The Hobbit.' It's not supposed to be scary, I don't think, but literally I think that's the most scared I've ever been.
11I was like little-miss wannabe punk-rocker; I would go home and secretly listen to Pink, and dance around, like, 'Ugh, she understands me so well!'

Emily Meade Filmography


Money Monster2016post-productionMolly
Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah2015Savannah
Me Him Her2015Gabbi
The Leftovers2014TV SeriesAimee
That Awkward Moment2014Christy
Gimme Shelter2013Cassandra
Trooper2013TV MovieEloise
Thanks for Sharing2012Becky
Adventures in the Sin Bin2012Suzie
Sleepwalk with Me2012Samantha
Young Adult2011Denny's Waitress
Fringe2011TV SeriesElla Dunham
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit2008-2011TV SeriesCorinne Stafford / Anna
Silver Tongues2011Rachel
Boardwalk Empire2010TV SeriesPearl
My Soul to Take2010Fang
Burning Palms2010Chloe Marx
Law & Order2010TV SeriesBonnie Jones / Amanda Evans
Twelve2010Jessica Brayson
Back2009TV MovieShannon Miles
Assassination of a High School President2008Tiffany Ashwood
The House Is Burning2006Anne

Emily Meade Awards

Won Awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2013Best ActressKarlovy Vary International Film FestivalBluebird (2013)· Amy Morton
· Louisa Krause
· Margo Martindale

Nominated Awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2015Festival PrizeEmerge Film Festival, Maine, USBest ActressBluebird (2013)


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