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Jim Lee Net Worth $Under Review

Jim Lee is a Korean-American comic book artist, writer and publisher. Jim Lee began his artistic works when he took up an art class. After graduating from Princeton University, he cancelled his studies for medical school and try his fortune on earth of comic books. He co-created the character of Gambit, along with writer Chris Claremont. Lee helped the introduction of X Men volume 2 in 1991. It was the bestselling comic book of time that has reached more than 8 million copies. Subsequently, in 1992 he joined along with six other artists and form Image Comics. He released WildC.A.T.s under Wildstorm Productions. Lee collaborated on 12-component issue of Batman, along with Jeph Loeb. He did the art for Daughtry’s record, Leave This Town in 2009. Jim Lee was born on August 11, 1964 in Seoul, South Korea.

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