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How much is Todd Hoffman worth?
$400,000 is Todd Hoffman net worth

Full Name Todd Hoffman
Short info: Todd Hoffman is the leader of the Hoffman Crew, and the one of the major focuses of Gold Rush. Todd was the man who originally came up with the idea to go mine in Alaska, based off an adventure his dad did nearly 25 years earlier. He, along with 5 other men (including his dad), go to Porcupine Creek, Alaska in an attempt to make it rich. During ...
Place Of Birth Sandy, Oregon USA
Date Of Birth January 1, 1970
Profession Reality television personality, Gold miner
Nationality American
Spouse Shauna Hoffman
Parents Jack Hoffman, Georgia Hoffman
Siblings Tamra Hoffman

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Todd Hoffman Biography:

Now in it’s third season Gold Rush is now one of Discovery Channel’s highest rated show. The show initially followed several teams but now focuses more about the dad son team. But to discover abundant gold earth to mine, several teams have to defeat dense jungle, deadly roads, and turf wars with local miners on their legendary journey. The show is the maximum rated cable show on Friday nights with audience reaching 3 million per episode. Although Todd has brought in a huge sum of money mining he’s become much more successful making $400,000 dollars per season. His net worth now is $5 million.

Todd Hoffman Net Worth $5 Million

His father Jack was born in Portland Oregon and constantly had a dynamic manner of talking which brought his mom to him in the start. Todd was raised in Oregon and after school went to the air travel business. To support Todd Jack began his own gold mining company in the 1980’s which initially started quite rewarding and has helped Jack bring in over $4 million. After several years working in aviation industry Todd found the profession was falling in Oregon he needed to change gears. But while his private finances were swamped, he saw chance according to what he was occurring in Washington: As the government consented to flood markets with cash, the cost of gold would go up. Todd Hoffman was in the incorrect company when the markets crashed in the autumn of 2008. Todd let hangar space at an airstrip outside Portland, Oregon, mainly to corporations. Sadly when the stock exchange and econmy became doubtful for the businesses the very first thing they slashed form their budgets was transport and Todd was left with virtually nothing.

Inspired by his dad he employed several jobless friends. Todd used his cash to fund the gear which cost over $1 million. Todd was initially confident after hearing the price of gold rise and lots of gold claims in Alaska. But for 3 years Todd could recoup over $20 million in gold along with other precious minerals. The majority of the cash was initially used to pay off loans Todd funded to get the gear and each one of his crew was paid handsomely. Then he set the remainder into financing their next trip to South America.


Movies Weird Science, Meatballs
TV Shows “Gold Rush” (2015-)
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About Todd Hoffman:

Todd Hoffman Facts

1Son of Jack Hoffman.

Todd Hoffman Filmography


Gold Rush: Alaska2010-2015TV SeriesHimself
Home & Family2015TV SeriesHimself
Gold Rush: The Dirt2013-2015TV SeriesHimself
Fox and Friends2013TV SeriesHimself
Gold Rush: South America2013TV SeriesHimself
AM Northwest2013TV SeriesHimself
Do or Die2012TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Soup2012TV SeriesHimself
The Long Road2012TV Movie documentaryHimself


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