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He was born as among the four kids to his parents Luaiva Fualaau and wife Soona. Lately, he is employed as a DJ and he also hosted the chain of the Hot for Teacher nighttime at local nightclub in the year 2009 along with his own wife.

To discuss his private life biography, Vili had already got married. He’s married to his sixth grade teacher Mary Kay Letourneau. His teacher afterwards became his 6th grade teacher at the Shorewood Elementary School which is situated in Burien, Washington. She took Voli under her wing along with additionally supported his artistic abilities. They both spent their time at her house plus they also became sexually involved. His teacher subsequently became pregnant with the infant of him. After that, she went to the penitentiary but after, they got married upon her release in 2004. Vili and Mary also got two kids together.

She’s now in the age of 53 and is the mom of 6 kids. In the beginning she was wed to her first husband Stave Letourneau. She wed with him in 1984 and they stayed together till 1999.

Besides that, Vili has reached in the age of 31 and he stands tall in the height of five feet and six inches. To find more information about him, we also can follow him on his social networking account like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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